Wilder Engineering offers two versions of FSS as well as a scheduling service to support flying clubs ranging in size from small partnerships to large multi-aircraft / multi-club FBO's and entrepreneurs.

Partnership / Small Flying Club Service
This is a service that is provided by Wilder Engineering for partnerships and small flying clubs from one to ten aircraft and up to 400 members. All equipment is maintained at our location and includes both backup power and nightly tape backups. Club reports are available via modem upon demand (club managers only). The service is on-line 24 hours/day and is accessible from any touchtone telephone or computer modem. We use our Multi-Club Edition software so if your club wishes to purchase your own system someday, we can transfer your various databases and voice recordings for you.

Flying Club Edition
Developed for a single flying club of up to 10,000 members and many aircraft, the Flying Club Edition permits members to schedule, cancel and review aircraft, get other members' phone numbers, communicate with other members via voice mail and personalize their accounts. In addition, members have access to aircraft information, on-line ATIS, club information, personal reminders, an on-line flea market and flying companions bulletin board, voice mail greetings and temporary voice mail greetings. The Flying Club Edition comes with a high quality voice board which supports two telephone lines right out of the box. Up to eight incoming lines can be supported if your club needs them with additional voice boards. We've also added modem scheduling and reports for those clubs that desire this feature. This edition is perfect for medium to large flying clubs that wish to provide their own system and site. There are also many benefits such as limited appointment times, numbers of appointments / members, etc.

Multi-Club (or Entrepreneurial) Edition
Developed for entrepreneurs and FBO's that wish to generate additional revenues by scheduling local partnerships and smaller flying club's aircraft as a service. The Multi-Club Edition can also be used to generate enough income to more than offset the cost of owning the system. All clubs share a common phone number but the aircraft, voicemail, announcements, and member phone numbers are available to only that club's members. Call for details!

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