Hardware and Software
for FSS

The following is the recommended hardware and software for Wilder Engineering's Flight Scheduling System (FSS).

Flying Club & Multi-Club Edition

IBM Clone (486 or Pentium)
If using modem or local terminal access then Pentium is preferred
Memory: 8 MB (Use 2+ MB for disk caching with SmartDrive (DOS 5 or 6)
Hard Disk Minimum: 80 MB Recommended: 200 MB or larger and a 15 ms or faster access time
Space Needed: 25 to 50 MB (grows with voice messages it 4KB per second of voice recording time
Optional Modem Support: 14.4K modem recommended, no need for faster.

ANSI.SYS, SHARE.EXE and DOS 5.0 +, SMARTDRV.EXE recommended (All come with DOS)

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