'FSS Touch-Tone Scheduling System'

Demonstration Instructions

Free demonstration of the Wilder Engineering
automated Flight Scheduling System

Be Orville Wright for a short time and schedule, cancel and review the schedule for the Wright Flyer N1A or Cessna N1234K.

Hear a message from your mother and listen to upcoming flying companion flights planned by other members of your flying club: The Wright Flyers. Check out the other aircraft you can schedule and even listen to current San Jose Airport ATIS.

But wait... you'll need a secret PIN code to get into the system... How about 1903: the year of the first controlled flight.

Go ahead... Call an active scheduling system at (775) 829-7007.

There are over 1000 members, 25 clubs and 50 aircraft on the system so you'll see what it's like under a realistic load.

Don't worry about messing up the system, since this is a multi-club version and your club is separate from the other clubs using the system. Besides, your account will reset itself after your use so that the next caller will have the same messages and aircraft schedule, personal reminders, etc.

Note: (775) 829-7007 is an active multi-club system, not a special demo system! Please give us a call afterward to let us know what you liked/disliked about the system. Your suggestions are important to us!

Before you start, here are a few things to know...

Demo-Graphic (large!)

1) After entering PIN, don't forget to press # button (just like it says).

2) All dates and times are four digits (i.e. Jan. 9 is 0109 and 6:09 a.m. is 0609). Days of the week for the following week can be entered as 3 digits then #. (e.g. S-A-T-# = 7-2-8-#)

3) Letters in aircraft tail numbers are entered by pressing the button on your telephone keypad which matches the desired letter (Don't enter the "N" of the tail numbers).

4) For aircraft tail numbers less than five characters long, press the # key to terminate the entry.

5) The # button can be used to shorten dates, times and tail numbers as follows:

Start Date: # = Today
End Date: # = Start Date
Tail Number: # = Last aircraft checked
Start Time: # = Current Time
End Time: # = Start time + 2 hours (preset for demo)

6) Keep the FSS member menu structure diagram handy the first time you use the system, in case you need it.

7) If you get confused, press the "0" button to access helpful information about your options at that point.

8) The star button is used to back up one menu or to cancel or abort the current selection.

9) Press the # (pound) button after you have (voice) recorded the destination of the flight or '2' (two) to re-record it.

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