Touch-Tone Telephone Flight Scheduling System
For Flying Clubs and Aircraft Partnerships

Wilder Engineering has consulted extensively with pilots and flying club managers to develop the ultimate flight scheduling system for flying clubs and aircraft partnerships: FSS


24-Hour Access Schedule aircraft and perform all member functions with a standard touch-tone telephone 24 hours a day - 7 days a week!

HELP! New users can access helpful information at any point by pressing the '0' button (operator).

ATIS & AWOS On-line access to hourly ATIS or AWOS for quick weather checks.

Member Phone Numbers During schedule conflicts, members can listen to other member's phone numbers (home, work, pager & car phone); No separate calls to the flying club for phone numbers.

Voice Messages Each member gets a personal voice message box to communicate with other members - complete with a personal greeting. There's even a temporary greeting which expires on a chosen date - no need to rerecord the message when leaving town for a week

System and Club Announcements Members will hear any important system or club announcements as soon as they log into the system. Announcements are removed once the member acknowledges hearing them... No need to hear the same thing over and over...

Aircraft Bulletins Each time a member checks the aircraft's schedule, any current aircraft bulletin is played. ZN29Q has a new engine... please use Aeroshell 100 mineral oil until the Hobbs reads 2050".

Personal Reminders Each member can record a personal reminder which is played for them after entering their PIN code. "Don't forget the logbook next time!"

Flying Companions Aircraft and pilots fly more since members can share costs of flying. Allows members to post and hear upcoming flights with spare seats.

Flea Market Members can list and hear flea market of aviation oriented items.


Fully Automated Operation Turnkey solution for flying club and partnership scheduling requirements. System can be left 'in the closet' and will provide unattended 24 hour a day scheduling of aircraft for club members.

Over-the-Phone Account Maintenance All aircraft and member account maintenance can be performed over the phone. No need to sit in front of a computer when adding, deleting, or modifying member accounts.

Temporary de-activation of member/club accounts Both member and club accounts can be temporarily deactivated over the phone when it becomes necessary to do so. Member's aircraft appointments are automatically canceled. (Pilot gets a message to call the club manager to schedule aircraft.)

Easy Announcement & Bulletin Recording All system and club announcements, aircraft bulletins, and club and aircraft recordings can be done over the telephone (for convenience) or with a microphone (for higher quality recordings). The system logs when announcer are acknowledged by members.

Aircraft Scheduled and Cancellation Reports Powerful aircraft schedule reports that look like aircraft flight logbook scan be generated. (See how efficiently your aircraft are being scheduled) Cancellation reports can be generated to monitor member appointment cancellations. (You know the ones... minutes before the scheduled flight time)

Maintenance Member Accounts When aircraft need to be grounded for whatever reason, maintenance personnel can over-ride members' scheduled aircraft appointments.

Associate Member Account Special accounts can be set up for social (non-pilot) club members which provide access to all system features except aircraft scheduling. This can be used to provide additional club revenue.

Complete Audit Trail All aircraft, member and club activities are logged and kept in files that can be reviewed or printed out at a later date. All schedules are archived as they expire. Easy interface to external accounting & point of sale software.

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